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Australian Shepherd Useful Facts & Tips

Last Updated on May 4, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the rarest Australian Shepherd colour?

Australian Shepherds come in a variety of shades. However, because the colour red is recessive, having any red fur is pretty rare. Yet, having a solid-coloured Australian Shepherd is considered to be even more rare, as most are multi-coloured. A solid red Aussie dog would therefore be the closest thing to owning the equivalent of a unicorn. That is, it’s very, very rare!

How smart is an Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is a brilliant breed of dog. They are herding dogs, and excel at herding sheep. These dogs thrive off of activities, exercise, and regular mental challenges. Activities such as these may include tricks or training exercises to keep your Aussie happy and healthy throughout their lifespan.

How did Australian Shepherds get their name?

Many people believe that their name came from this breed of dog coming to the United States of America during the 1800s. They were also associated with the Basque Shepherd breed that was brought with the Australian Shepherd to the United States back in the 1800s. People in the United States began calling them Australian Shepherds because of where they came from and due to the other breed, they were with.

Does the Australian Shepherd breed like to cuddle?

The quick and simple answer is, yes. However, that may not be true for all dogs of the Australian Shepherd breed. While they are a naturally cuddly and affectionate breed not every dog is born alike. It is in their nature to be cuddly and mild-tempered but anything can happen that changes a dogs demeanour. This goes for Australian Shepherds just as much as any other breed.

Are Aussies good with children?

Seeing as they are naturally sweet-natured and affectionate, Aussies are excellent with children. Though just like with any breed never leave small children unsupervised with an untrained dog.

How do Aussies behave with their family?

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. Again, this is important to keep in mind. The family unit becomes the ‘herd’, and as such, the Aussie dog will become very attached to one or more family members, even going so far as to try to herd them in the right direction (think getting in between your legs as you walk). While absolutely adorable, it can be incredibly dangerous for children and the elderly if they happen to trip over your dog. It could also hurt your Aussie dog.

Socialise your Australian Shepherd!

Australian Shepherd dogs are incredibly bossy if not trained correctly. As an owner, you must take control from day one, and this includes socialising your puppy as soon as possible. Socialising includes letting your Aussie meet to other dogs and people, so that they play nice and do not bite. This is much easier while the dog is still a puppy; many different people and situations frequently are important for a developing Aussie Shepherd!

Are Australian Shepherds double-coated?

Yes, the Australian Shepherd features a double coat, a topcoat and an undercoat. Because of this, these dogs are notorious shedders. Additionally, twice a year this breed sheds even more fur than usual.

How much do Aussie dogs shed?

As stated previously, Aussie dogs have a double coat of fur. This means that they have two seasons of shedding – regular and heavy. Brushing regularly maintains the coat and lessens the risk of the coat becoming matted, but there will always be a lot of shedding.

How much training does the Australian Shepherd need?

As we have learned previously, the Australian Shepherds are extremely smart dogs. Seeing as for generations they were used as herding dogs they require a certain amount of training. Starting training early is the best way to go about owning this dog breed. With how intelligent they are, this breed tends to pick up commands quicker than most other dogs.

How much energy does an Aussie have?

Aussie dogs have lots of energy! It runs in their blood, in their bones, and out their paws as traditional herding dogs. As such, they need lots of exercise to stay happy and fulfilled. Frequent walks, playtimes, training, and toys will be the best way to expend all that energy in your Aussie puppy… for a time!

What can be a general price of Aussie puppies from a breeder?

The price depends on several factors. One of the most important factors being the pedigree. The second factor is the reputation of the breeder themselves. Additionally, the location in which they are born and sold also contributes to the price. Finally, the colour of their coat is a huge factor. With any number of factors, Australian Shepherds can range anywhere from $380 AUD all the way up to $2,300 AUD or more per puppy. On average, Australian Shepherd puppies sell between $770 AUD and $1100 AUD.

It’s always good to check with breeders and see how much they are charging, as the price for an Australian Shepherd can differ.

How long do Australian Shepherds live for?

Typically, the average lifespan for the Australian Shepherd is 12 to 15 years. But with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise they could live longer. However, the opposite is also true; if they have a bad diet, overeat, and do not get the proper amount of exercise their life could be much shorter.

How big do Australian Shepherds get?

Female Aussies are generally smaller than males. Weighing an average of around 15.8 kilograms to 20.4 kilograms. At the shoulder height female Aussies stand at an average of 45.72 centimetres to 53.34 centimetres.

On the other hand, male Aussies grow to be between an average height from their shoulders of 50.8 centimetres to 58.42 centimetres. And they can weigh an average of 20.4 kilograms to 27.2 kilograms.

Though of course these are just an average amount for each dog to measure. Each dog is different and may stand shorter or taller and weigh more or less. It’s all normal.

Here’s some additional quick facts you may not have known about Aussie Shepherds!

  1. They commonly have two different eye colours (called “heterochromia”), one in each eye. They may even have two or more colours just in one of their eyes!
  2. Native Americans believed that the Australian Shepherd breed was sacred because of their “ghostly” pale blue eye colour.
  3. Australian Shepherds grew in popularity among ranchers due mainly to being in rodeos performing tricks and herding bulls.
  4. They do not originate from Australia. This breed is originally from Spain and instead of being called the Australian Shepherd this breed was called the Spanish Shepherd.
  5. Australian Shepherd dogs have many different names. They are called Aussies or Australian Shepherds now because of gaining most if not all of their popularity in Australia.
  6. They have several colours with specific names such as, blue merle, Merle, red merle, Black tri colour, Red tri colour, Solid Black, and Solid Red, just to name a few.

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